De LINK Knock tools 


Optie 1: de LINK Knock Block


Listen to one or two knock sensors

Special filtering design improves signal to noise ratio

Can be used with ear buds, ear phones and noise cancelling ear muffs

Long life lithium rechargeable battery

Rugged CNC aluminium enclosure

Flying lead headphones connector

Can be used with all OEM knock sensors

Can be used to interface directly to a laptop for recording of engine noise or knock sensor frequency analysis (using PCLink G4+)

Zie video van de KnockBlock


Optie 2: de LINK KnockLink incl sensor


Knock sensor with loom, and the KnockLink visual warning light. The KnockLink is the only self calibrating, knock knock warning tool on the market. 
This kit is designed for both street and race use, to work in conjunction with your Link ECU. 


Optie 3: de LINK KnockLink excl sensor


The KnockLink G4 Digital Warning is the only self calibrating, knock warning instrument on the market. The KnockLink won a SEMA 2011 media award for best new product.

Drive with peace of mind, knowing that your engine is operating safely when using the KnockLink G4. The KnockLink will show the beginning detonation long before you hear it.

The KnockLink is designed for both street and race use.



LINK Knock tools

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